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Want to become a part of Team AESTHEDE while make some extra cash and get free items in our store? Simply sign up to become an affiliate with us receive 20% off our store forever AND get 20% commission for every sale or any free item from our shop for every four sales. ANYONE can become an affiliate, no minimum requirement!


1) We'll provide you with a 20% discount code to use on ANY product from our shop you'd like to buy and advertise on.

** (If you don't want to buy a product from our shop, you can simply use our images to advertise without spending money.) **

2)  When you sign up, we'll send you a personal affiliate code that your followers, friends, and family can use as a discount code during the checkout payment page.

3) Once you receive your product, you can choose however you want to advertise our product (via Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc.) We'll leave that entirely up to you! The code will never expire for as long as you'd like to work with us.

 (The most effective way is to leave a social media post up on your profile and/or have a link to our shop)

Remember to let them know to use your discount code when they are on the checkout payment page, that's how you'll get paid! As long as you can get someone to use your code during checkout, you get 20% commission from that sale! You will get paid every one week via PayPal with a PDF sent with the number of times your code was used during the week.


- You get 10% commission from every sale and/or ANY FREE item from our shop for every four sales

- No minimum requirement (ANYONE can join and be an affiliate!)

- You get 20% for every future order you place in our store, forever.

- Your social media posts with our products get to be featured on our Instagram and website (AKA you get free shoutouts from us!)

- A great way to make extra money and getting free items from our store without putting much effort

- We pay you every 1 week via PayPal. You'll also receive a PDF file from us with the number of times your discount code was used. 

- You can build experience for your personal brand and awareness for future businesses to work with you.


Still interested? Please send an email to with information below (simply copy and paste into email message) with subject line "Affiliate Program from (Your Name)"