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How to be an eGirl: The Aesthetic Clothing Guide

How to be an eGirl: The Aesthetic Clothing Guide

TikTok has created a whole new teen culture, which is called eboy/egirl culture. If you are not familiar with these terms, this is how Urban Dictionary explains the term ‘eGirl’: “a species of emo usually found on tiktok, but commonly spends time on tumblr. Can be found wearing pink eyeshadow with a large wing, little hearts under the eyes and a blushed nose. Normally wearing some type of shirt from urban outfitters over a long sleeve striped shirt. commonly found doing the me!me!me! dance but has probably never seen it before.” Here are some of the main features, which will make you a typical egirl:

#1. eGirl Makeup

Makeup is a key feature of being a eGirl. The main focus of eGirl makeup is the blush. A lot of blush! You can use blush as an eyeshadow and bronzer. Just put a lot of blush on your cheeks and nose. Your blush should be very pink or peachy color. These will work best for the main look. Eyeliner here isn’t a necessity and came from a meme image of an eGirl, but you should definitely try it.


eGirl makeup is all about creativity. Find out what works best for you. You can also use soft colors, which are bright at the same time to make your look unique. Adornments and stamps plays with your creativity and unwrap any baby-concept in life. are another great details on your face, which will make you stand out.

#2. eGirl Aesthetic Outfit

Anime is life

If you love Anime, this feature is definitely for you. Anime inspired tops are great for egirl style. There are many different options from Anime comics prints to Japanese horror comics printed on t-shirts, so you can definitely find something you like. Also, if you are combining several pieces of clothes or layering - this will be even more amazing as for egirl. When you combine long-sleeved shirts with t-shirts, it makes your look unique and very ‘egirl’.

Mesh Fishnet Tops  

Mesh and transparent tops are very popular among the egirl community. But, you should know, that these tops can not be very transparent. A little see-though style will be great addition to the whole egirl outfit.

Witchy Witch Goth Clothing

Black gothy clothing are now really trendy. If combined with massive chains and black hats or caps, this will be definitely a great choice for an egirl look.  


#3. eGirl Accessories

Grunge body accessories

To make their looks extremely HOT, egirls in addition to soft ‘baby’ makeup use semi-aggressive grunge accessories like chockers or big chains. Using chains all over your body can be a very stylish concept for an egirl outfit but not overuse them because there always should be a limit in chains.The ’80s and ’90s grunge is what you should be aiming for.  Vintage type glasses will be a great addition to the egirl look.

Hope these features will help you out with finding the right egirl features for you and which will suit you or your style the most.


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