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Grunge Aesthetic: The Guide to Grunge

Grunge Aesthetic: The Guide to Grunge

Grunge Aesthetic

Are you interested in Grunge Culture and Grunge Aesthetics? Here are some of the key facts about this unique culture, which you should definitely know to be more familiarized with the whole culture.

As we all know Grunge evolved in the 90s with Kurt Cobain as the main influencer of this style. And now Grunge takes its comeback among hipsters. So here are some of the main forms of Grunge, which are now very popular and remain their popularity.

#1. Soft Grunge

In Soft Grunge soft pastel colors are combined with floral prints and black tights. These are the main details of Soft Grunge inspired look. And, most importantly, this form of Grunge is the most popular among millennials. Pastel colors are definitely very popular nowadays and combining them with floral prints or other grunge details makes the whole outfit unique and at the same time soft and trend.

#2. Punk Grunge

The main features of this type of Grunge are: dark lips, chockers, beanies, black or dark clothes, piercings and glasses. With all of it combined you will get a typical Punk Grunge look. Make up is also very important, as it fully completes the punk grunge look.

#3. Hippie Grunge

Hippie Grunge is exactly what we all imagine, when we first hear the name of this type of style. This is a combination of long patterned skirts, rings, chockers. Boho styled clothes or jewelry are must if you are trying to get that hippie grunge look.

#4. Comfy Grunge

Comfy Grunge = Effortless grunge. And we love this form of grunge! Leggings, flannel shirts, jeans, denim jackets, t-shirts, plaid skirts - that is a total comfy grunge look. This is very simple, but still grunge. The main thing is that all of the clothes should be comfortable to wear, sometimes a bit baggy, but mostly they should fit you perfectly.

#5. 90s Grunge

The main aesthetic of this type of grunge comes from the real, old grunge. 90s style is combined with modern pieces of clothes. This includes: Flannel shirts, black Martins, denim jackets, band t-shirts and most importantly, unwashed messy hair with a dark-colored beanie.

Grunge is definitely one of our favorite styles and the fact that this style is still popular is amazing. The fashion has evolved, but we can see that Grunge-inspired looks are still trendy and fancy and most importantly, loved by new generations. Hope this article was helpful for you and you learned more about the Grunge culture, its types and how it evolved through years.


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